as my constant hate increases
i try to forget what was once so called life
i have become tired of all this sadness suffering and pain
anything i could possibly remember
is slowly corroding in my lost innerself

black is my color and so is my soul
death is what i more and more adore
all my whishes and dreams of pure positive energy
have mutated into clear disarray and loving to hate
it is what drives me to my own dark condemnation
doomed to lead the new breed that loves to hate

i stare at the switch of my console from hell
knowing that i could cause the global holocaust
stopped to search for the roots of the evil in me
looking into the future the only thing i see
is my desire to set the world on fire
nothing left but purest hate and the mind to lustfully devastate
time is running and i still got a lot to achieve
make this filthy black rock burn before i leave.